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Being progressively hard of hearing, I have had to guess at a lot of things being said to me. I attempt to fill in the gaps, and hope I didn't miss anything important. I am now at the point where I must ask my wife to simply give me a noun and a verb, instead of the more verbose instructions she likes to give.
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Nothing works. Nothing at all will serve as a warning.
Coastal Japan has carved stones to warn people not to build their houses below their level on a hill, to avoid destruction by tsunami. These stones are written in Japanese, and are only 600 years old. Japan has enjoyed a continuous civilization during this time, and yet some people ignored the warnings, and were washed away in the 2011 tsunami.
The United States has had a concerted program of mass vaccination against preventable diseases for decades, freeing us of the scourge of disabling and deadly childhood diseases that used to infect tens of thousands of children, each, every year. And yet today we are seeing these effective and well-known measures being challenged and actively resisted.
The Great Depression spurred the creation of financial regulations that prevented banks from engaging in overly risky activities using the money of depositors. These regulations and laws saved the country from the cycles of wealth, panic and crash that characterized banking in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Still, the Glass-Steagall Act and other safeguards were repealed or weakened, resulting in the global financial crisis of 2009.
There is no way to warn future generations. Only a few generations are needed for people to forget. If the Department of Energy wishes to keep people away from WIPP, they should make it so openly and dangerously contaminated that anyone who ventures onto its grounds will die a horrible death within a week of exposure. This will keep the memory of its danger fresh for the future.
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Thank you for posting this. It is fascinating to see that such experiments are still running, and to see some of the extremes of performance in otherwise-familiar devices. Neatorama often helps to stretch the mind.
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