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It's definitely gross, but you've got to give them points for trying! Plus, except for the BBQ sauce and 'McNugg' on the rim, a vodka infused chocolate shake doesn't sound that bad...
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I had always heard that it was ugly and hard to look at so that your eyes stayed up off the floor and looking at the tables, which caused you to gamble more. I like the vacuum idea though!
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I LOVE this video! I caught it on CNN, and instantly had to share it with everyone I know. "Clean the poopie from your wieners"! Where do they come up with that stuff?!?
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I've been to the wave organ in SF, and it's definitely hard to hear. It's a cool place to see regardless, and the view is worth the trip, but don't expect to be wow'ed by a sea orchestra.
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I actually had this done today as part of an eye exam for a new contact prescription. You stare at a small blinking green light, and then there is a bright flash and you can't see anything for a few seconds, but it's much better than having your eyes dilated for up to six hours (the alternative). The resulting picture is amazingly detailed, and can tell the doctor quite a bit about your eye (mine even showed that I have lighter skin).
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I like the Paprika shirt by Paprika both for the colorful design and the white printing on the back of a white shirt. It's a very subtle addition that really sets the shirt apart.
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