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I love wearing make-up. I am post cancer, post bone marrow transplant, and still struggling with so many issues with my body, that putting on some make-up just helps. I have never been a "can't leave without my face on" type of lady, like many grandmothers I have known, and don't have any issues without make-up, I just like it. It's fun, it feels good, and I feel pretty. After all I have been through, sometimes that is the most I can give myself.
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Well, so far. I am a year out, and need to have that final dreaded bone marrow biopsy to find out for sure. But so far, so good. Now, I just need my muscles again. (: Thank you for asking though, I appreciate it.
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When I was at UCSF for cancer/bone marrow treatment I saw no less than 2 felons in treatment there. Guards, chains, the whole thing. My tax dollars were paying for those felons to get treatment. But the poor kid next to me was underinsured and was left with thousands of $$ in debt. This is so very, very, very sad.
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