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Ted - does that guy look healthy to you? He doesn't necessarily need to hire an attractive model (although I'm sure that would help), just someone that doesn't look like a weird dirty old uncle.
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The problem with global warming activists is that they are looking at the wrong problem. Pascal's wager would be much more appropriate (and less controversial) if applied against the costs/benefits of national energy dependence/independence.

If each country can become energy independent, the climactic impact should be the same as the expected results from combating global warming ... the only difference is that the cost/benefit equation becomes much more palatable and concrete.
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"Advice Network" - according to early tests, these are up to 19.5% efficient ... which is higher than almost any commercial grade solar panel.
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thank you grouchosuave!

I must be very simple (and therefore have a very small monkeysphere), because I thought the article was one of the most thought provoking I had ever read when it was first published a couple weeks ago.
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This one had me laughing the whole way through. In the 10 minutes that it took to make the fire, the guy could have:
- asked a neighbor for a lighter
- used his stovetop
- rubbed two sticks together (or used steel wool)
- etc.

I was just waiting for him to pull out a lighter and light the whole contraption on fire. Interesting little battery, but rather ridiculous concept to use if trying to "impress" a girl.
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I used the old fashioned method - I parked my commuter car on the streets of Chicago for a few years. It's so dented up that I'd probably have to pay someone to steal it. :)
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