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Ted - does that guy look healthy to you? He doesn't necessarily need to hire an attractive model (although I'm sure that would help), just someone that doesn't look like a weird dirty old uncle.
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The problem with global warming activists is that they are looking at the wrong problem. Pascal's wager would be much more appropriate (and less controversial) if applied against the costs/benefits of national energy dependence/independence.

If each country can become energy independent, the climactic impact should be the same as the expected results from combating global warming ... the only difference is that the cost/benefit equation becomes much more palatable and concrete.
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"Advice Network" - according to early tests, these are up to 19.5% efficient ... which is higher than almost any commercial grade solar panel.
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thank you grouchosuave!

I must be very simple (and therefore have a very small monkeysphere), because I thought the article was one of the most thought provoking I had ever read when it was first published a couple weeks ago.
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This one had me laughing the whole way through. In the 10 minutes that it took to make the fire, the guy could have:
- asked a neighbor for a lighter
- used his stovetop
- rubbed two sticks together (or used steel wool)
- etc.

I was just waiting for him to pull out a lighter and light the whole contraption on fire. Interesting little battery, but rather ridiculous concept to use if trying to "impress" a girl.
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I used the old fashioned method - I parked my commuter car on the streets of Chicago for a few years. It's so dented up that I'd probably have to pay someone to steal it. :)
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ted - great point! However, all this serious talk is making my brain hurt ... I'm still just looking for a talking Gandhi action figure. ;)
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dd - that's the neat thing about this project ... instead of being forced to blindly accept/deny Dan Brown's conspiracy theories, or my own, or anyone else's, you can look for yourself.

Ring or not, Jesus's right-hand man/woman still looks pretty effeminate.
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c-dub - I realize that, but the commenters seemed to be taking this a bit too seriously. Although I guess if we had the technology to drill thousands of miles through the earth (vs. our current record of a few miles), we'd also have the technology to vacuum seal the tube and ensure the traveler wouldn't burn up.
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The answer is correct except for one thing ... friction from air. As you started to fall, you'd initially hit terminal velocity within a couple hundred feet - approximately 150mph. Even though the air's density might decrease a little as you approach the center, your speed wouldn't increase much due to the lower downward gravitational pull.

In the best case scenario, you might be hitting 400 or 500 mph at the core, which is about 17,000 mph slower than you need to pop out the other end. Even if you wore a special suit to keep out the ferocious heat, you'd be forced to live out the rest of your life virtually weightless at the center of the earth.
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What's really bad is the folks sitting around laughing at the situation. I don't have any problem with people eating meat/fish/poultry/etc, but teaching your kids that its a funny situation isn't a whole lot better than sticking firecrackers in a fish's mouth ...
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Originally I was going to say "what a waste of 2 good hybrids", but then saw he only spent $10,000 on the whole getup! Plus, it still gets over 43 mpg for a 8-seater car.

I'd love that as an alternative to a minivan ... I wonder how many others would pay Toyota for it?
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For those wondering - I don't own a Subaru, and have no idea how I ended up on the "North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club Forum". I was pretty surprised to see how many active posters there were though - I guess you can create a forum around anything.
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I think ted and Miss C. should duke it out over a map. Geography death match, first one to miss a country loses.

Something tells me that if ted doesn't know his geography down to the provincial level in every third world country, he probably shouldn't accept the challenge. Miss C. is one smart cookie ;)
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WOW, Congrats Alex! I'm glad to be a part of the Neatorama team, it's been fun over the past 6 months (I just wish I had more time to post more ... babies are HARD work!)
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