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I prefer the early Duffy, when he was just crazy. Once he got bitter, I stopped liking him so much. it is funny you mention Homer Simpson in the first paragraph, because I feel the same about him and his personality transformation...
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right, but the question was how long had passed between when he set them and when he saw they were an hour apart. Doesn't matter when he discovered the issue - the time between setting them correctly and having them one hour apart is 20 hrs.

That being said, an argument could be made for 260 hrs :)
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It is these kinds of answers which make these less logic puzzles and more just-make-up-anything-that-makes-sense. I mean, you could just as easily say the donkey chewed through the rope. Or that he was a magic donkey who make the rope grow longer...
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Once you start juggling, you really only have one brick in your hand at a time, as you throw one of the bricks in the air right when the one already in the air hits the highest part of the arc... so the clown really would have two pounds to play with when crossing the bridge.

Assuming he started juggling before stepping on the bridge.
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My 8 year old daughter has been requesting donations instead of birthday gifts to the cat shelter where we've adopted all our cats, including her proclaimed "best friend" who passed away a year ago. We've had several parents tell us how much they like the idea. My daughter is now well known at this tiny little cat rescue place, as she also likes to go and give the cats treats and exercise by playing with them. I think the person who runs it is expecting my daughter to take over running the place when she's older. I think more kids should do something similar. This is a great story, and I hope it gives more parents ideas for alternates to birthday gifts.
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How do we know this guy wouldn't have done a terrible job at Google - so terrible that the young company never got off the ground?

Maybe hiring this guy almost became Larry Page's most expensive mistake??
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the last two years, instead of presents, my (now 8 year old) daughter asked her friends to make donations of food, toys, money to a local cat shelter that does both trap/neuter/release and adoptions (we got our 3 cats from there).
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