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It's amazing how much he looks and sounds like his father. I really wish they could have found some way to utilize him in the 50th. It would have been brilliant. Love seeing him on Gotham every week though! We should start a petition to get him on DW for 10th anniversary of the reboot. :P
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This was great. Thank you! I fell in love with The Monkees when MTV began replaying them in the 80s. I do have to say - Micky, Mike, and Peter still tour together as The Monkees. I know they do tributes to Davy as well during their performance so I wouldn't say the Monkees saga is officially over. It's just a permanent trio now, as sad as that is.
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I believe they say in the comments that the dog was actually owned by a garage nearby and that the owner was calling it back inside.

I worried about the same thing. :)
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Looks like what is known as the Giant's Jar Opener. Jack brought one down the beanstalk with him ages ago. Mrs. Giant often had trouble opening the giant jars of fruit and vegetables that her husband would bring home so she created this little machine. Works every time.

Winter is Coming, black, 2XL
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How strange! I liked it muy mucho. Definitely fits in with Tim Burton's oeuvre. I was almost expecting to see Helena rather than Winona! Lovely. Thanks for sharing!
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Ah, Frankie. I love him so much in Anchors Aweigh, On The Town, and Take Me Out To the Ballgame. I had NO idea that he was the original choice for Dirty Harry. What a different movie that would have been! Thanks for this. Happy Birthday Frank!
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Well, you see, this is a brand. But not for livestock. It's a brand for students of the College of William & Mary. You see, the school is amongst the oldest in the United States and they needed an easy way of identifying their students. They'd fire this sucker up, brand a W on the left butt cheek, a M on the right butt cheek and they'd always be able to identify students who mooned the staff.


Winter is Coming, XXL in black if you please. :)
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It is a prototype of Magneto's helmet. See, he wasn't always so good at metal manipulation and in fact, forgot to measure his head before building his first helmet. In truth, he used a cardboard cut out of his head to take the measurements before building. And so it goes. He cast another, later, that fit and the rest is history.

Winter is Coming, 2XL, Black
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