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Halloween Short Film: Suckablood

(YouTube Link)

Suckablood is a short film that plays out like a fairy tale crossed with an "old wive's tale" as if it were imagined by Stephen King and Tim Burton. Remember how our parents used to tell us lies when we were kids to try and scare us out of bad habits? "Make an ugly face and it will stick that way" being a perfect example? Well, Suckablood dares to ask what happens when the old wive's tales and little white lies end up being true.

Suckablood is the perfect short to get you in the Halloween spirit. It also reminds us why we should always listen to our parents.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

The Stupidest Thing You Will See Today: $30,000.00 Headphones

I don't even know what to say about this other than the absolute truth. I was on YouTube trying to find a scary short film to share with you kids for Halloween.

What I found was far scarier.

(YouTube Link)

Just know, no matter what horrors you see tonight, no matter what twisted abominations you witness walking the street, nothing will be scarier than knowing you live in a world where this kind of gross and pointless excess is seen as acceptable.

Now that's true horror, people.

The History Of The Jack O' Lantern

Image: Uncredited

Well, we made it to another Halloween. But the real question as the night itself approaches is, how much do you really know about it? I, being a super nerd, can tell you I know quite a bit. Not because I am some history major or anything that is actually beneficial to me, but because I was a weird and creepy kid who wanted to know weird and creepy things. One of those things was learning the history behind the Jack O' Lantern. It intrigued me that they used to be carved out of turnips and used as actual lamps. Think about THAT the next time you think carving a giant pumpkin is difficult. At least it's not a turnip anymore.

I won't ruin any more for you, as this The History of the Jack O' Lantern put together by the History Channel, can do a much better job of informing you than I can. I will tell you this, though. It is a cool (albeit strange) bit of wisdom to carry with you, and this is coming from someone who has carried it with them for years (for no good reason other than it may have all built up to this exact moment).

All The Brand New Horror Movies You Can Watch Before Halloween

Image Credit: Egon Eagle

So I imagine there must be a bunch of you out there who make watching scary movies a big part of your Halloween ritual. Being one of those people, I found myself wondering what new horror would be coming out in and around Halloween so I could ensure there was something new that I could sink my fangs into Halloween night. i09 put together this handy dandy list of all the brand new horror movies coming out in theaters and on V.O.D in or around the 31st of this month.

Having already seen most of them (because I am a super horror nerd), check out Horns if you like your horror to have a bit of comedy and romance thrown in, and watch The Houses That October Built if you just want to go full Halloween mode. The latter seems loosely based on this place. VHS-Viral is a lot of fun, too. Can't give you my thoughts on The ABC's of Death 2 yet, as that is the one I have cued for devil's night.

Either way, rest assured. There is plenty to pick from, and something for everyone.

Which Wine Pairs Best With Your Halloween Candy?

Image Credits: Jackie

So the kids come in Halloween night, and they pour the contents of their bag on the floor to pick out their favorites. They slowly eat themselves into a sugar coma, and this is when the adults strike. They grab the stash and put it somewhere safer so the kids wont have diabetes in a few days. Thing is, mom and dad reach in and take a few treats because, well, don't you think they've earned it? But when they sit down to eat their mini-Snickers, they freeze. Why? Because they don't know which wine would best accentuate it. 

Well now, thanks to Bustle, they do. In the article all of us have been waiting for for most of our lives, they tell us which wine pairs best with which Halloween candy. Though some may know at its most basic that chocolate goes well with red, this list runs much deeper than that. Put it this way, when you crack into that Reese's Cup, match it with a bold red, like a malbec. They will accentuate each other perfectly.

I mean, come on. We all knew that, right? (I totally didn't know that).

Honest Trailers: Saw

Here is the thing about the Saw movie franchise. It has a lot of cuts and holes. HAHAHAHAHA, get it? That works on TWO levels. As a fan of horror, we tend to look past those holes and do our best to just sit back and enjoy a movie, no matter how mindless. But the guys at Screen Junkies have a special gift for dissecting films, and this time, they are going after the movie  Saw, just in time for Halloween.

(YouTube Link)

Pay attention to the line at the 00:44 mark. Pure genius.

10 Terrifying Stories Behind Infamous Movies

                                          Image Credit: Cayobo

It is Halloween week, so I am bombarding you kids with scary stuff. This is the time of year my PTSD from watching The Exorcist resurfaces in me, so anything I can find out about that movie and the true story behind it, I find. This year, I found this list of 10 Terrifying Stories  Behind Infamous Movies, and wouldn't you know it, The Exorcist is on there. Or should I say, the movie that was influenced by the true story of the exorcism of young boy named "Roland Doe." I would love to tell you I am just kidding, but I am not, as the list touches on.

Oh, and that image above? That is the doll that Chucky was based on from Child's Play. Yes, an actual possessed doll, too. So essentially, a list full of nightmare fuel.

You're welcome.

Interstellar Movie Review

Let's none of us play any games right now, okay? I think we ALL know that Interstellar looks like the best movie of the forthcoming holiday season. You take a little bit of the genius of Christopher Nolan, and you add a dash of McConaughey swagger. You mix it all together, have some of it take place in outer space, and what do you have? The recipe for the next big movie that everyone wants to see.

But is it any GOOD? play and find out (what IGN thinks about it, at least).

(YouTube Link)

Don't tell me what they said. I want to eventually pass judgement on my own. My early prediction is that it will be very pretty with some massive holes most of the public will ignore because we love pretty things. In other words, another Christopher Nolan movie.

The Making Of Michael Jackson's Thriller

As long as I live I will never forget the premier of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. I was young. So young in fact, I was not allowed in the room. Mind you, like any cunning kid, I slid up behind the couch and watched with one eye. The lesson I learned that day was that dancing zombies are only a little less scary than regular zombies. It also helped reiterate that there was a time when Michael Jackson was really cool. I know he got weird, but one thing that never changed, his talent. He was undeniably talented. Nothing reminds people of that quite like Thriller.

So I thought, what better time than Halloween to bust out some classic making-of Thriller footage? I owned this on VHS, so there is a real sense of nostalgia here. It is amazing to see how one of the greatest music videos of all time came to be. It could also be said there is a real sense of tragedy behind the childlike wonder you see in him here, only because we all saw how he ended up.

(YouTube Link)

Watch part two here, and part three here.

3 Ways Video Games Are Good For You

(YouTube Link)

Being a nerd and avid gamer for most of my life, I stand behind the fact that gaming is far more beneficial than detrimental. It improves response time, problem solving skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and muscle memory. But gaming has been under fire (intentional pun alert) for decades now because there are anti-video game pundits who spout endlessly about how it encourages real life violence.

But Gamespot has a rather interesting video about how games are actually GOOD for us. While it could be said the study group they used for this research was a tad bit small, it is still a step in the right direction overall for society to learn that gaming is not dangerous, but rather, beneficial (and not going away anytime soon, as it is a billion dollar industry only set to grow more).

See Mom, I told you video games weren't rotting my brain!

Fewdio Horror: The Laundromat

(YouTube Link)

Laundromats keep strange hours, with many staying open, un-staffed, overnights. For that reason, it seems to attract a rather wide and varied  clientele. Being one who does his own laundry at places like the one depicted in the following video, I can tell you honestly, sometimes you are inevitably in there with a weirdo, especially late at night. There is this moment where you realize it, and are not quite sure what to do next.

Fewdio addresses this fear in another awesome horror short, The Laundromat.

Bet you didn't see that twist coming.

Top 10 Trippy Cartoons For Stoners

Image Credit: Thomas R Machnitzki

One of the coolest aspects about animation is that you can do anything with it. You can go as surreal or as realistic as you like. But it seems the more crazy and eccentric some cartoons get, the more you seem to remember them as you grow up.

Being someone who loves trippy cartoons and spent WAY too much time watching The Yellow Submarine, I finally found a list that pays homage to the cartoons that blew my mind, while also opening it. Here are ten trippy cartoons for stoners, but rest assured. One does not need to be a "stoner" to appreciate some of the insane entries on the list.

Well, except for the Cheech and Chong Animated Movie.

Chainsaw Massacre Prank Goes A Bit Too Far

(YouTube Link)

The nature of pranking has changed due to the internet age. Where once, a pie to the face would do, now it seems pranksters feel like they have to take it to the extreme. The following video is about as extreme an example of pranking as I can find. Keep in mind, it may all look traumatizing, but no one is actually being hurt. I would say NSFW, but there is stuff worse than this on regular TV now, so you get the point. There's some fake violence here but nothing you don't see daily flashed on the news and interwebs.

I will make a bit of a prediction, though. We live in a world where MANY people now carry guns. It is only a matter of time before some quick thinking citizen who has seen too many horror movies gets this prank pulled on them and instinctively shoots the person as a matter of self-preservation. Just calling it now.

Sorry, but 2014's version of jumping out and saying boo seems pretty insane to me. Pranks need to chill out a bit. It's all fun and games until someone has a stroke or shoots an actor.

Old School vs. New School

So for a moment, let's say video games are real. Just pretend for a sec, dammit. What would happen if old school, pixel games somehow met up and clashed with the new school, realistic looking games? In my head, I imagine it would be an epic match up of mayhem, with pixels breaking off and polygonal blood splashing everywhere.

The reality is, the folks over at RocketJump put together this awesome video of what it would be like if different generations of games all met up at the same time in the real world. And while it may not be quite as violent as my vision, it is badass, and will get any gamers and video game fans drooling on themselves. Though it has been floating around the internet for a bit, safe to say some of you missed it, and that is just not okay. Pretty sure seeing Lara Croft climb into a Space Invaders ship and take off fulfilled some weird geek fantasy of mine I didn't even realize I had until I saw it happen. This might do the same for you.

(YouTube Link)

Or you can just marvel at how cool it is. 

10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

Artist: Thomas Emery

It is crazy to think that a movie that took years to write and direct and produce can often be summed up in one single, minimalist frame of artwork. One picture that grabs the entirety of the movie and squeezes itself down to tell its story using no words and a single image. Yet the best artists seem to be able to do this ease, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Someone wrote me this week and pointed out this 10 Minimalist Horror Movie Posters list to me, and knowing I was a huge fan of horror, they asked me if I could identify all 10 movies. Well, of course I did! But I think that stands as more of a testimony to how astute the posters are, and not my overall horror prowess.

Check out the list for yourself and see how well you do.

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