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An older lady told me she that when she was a child, she would have to wait for her father to get home with the newspaper he'd read during the day so she could rip it up and use it for her cat's box.
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Some women have exceptionally bad cramps and sickness during their periods. I think it wouldn't be outrageous to give these women one or two extra sick days per month.
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That's a stupid answer. Better answers:

1. One donated sperm that the other (or his partner) then received.
2. One is having an affair with the other's wife.
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Men feel shame because they feel they must live up to a certain gender role in order to be attractive to women, but I call bullshit on women actually enforcing it to any substantial degree. Often, we have our own conclusions about what others think and feel and project those conclusions onto the actions of others.
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Which is which? That is a stupid question. Of course Smith is the one on the right. Yeah, I see the similarity, but I wouldn't mistakenly ask for his autograph.
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I'm a feminist and I find it hilarious.

Teenagers and kids in their early 20s, be they male or female, sometimes need to be motivated by something other than the sheer joy of learning to get them to class. It's a simple truth. And women are just as capable of being motivated by their libido as men are. If I had a dreamy prof, I surely wouldn't miss a class. Not sure I'd actually hear anything he said, though... ;)
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