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Her message is a good one, especially for young mothers who really need their energy. It was the way she delivered it - "What's your excuse?" sounds like a put down and a dare rolled into one. It is taunting. She may not have meant to come across holier than thou, but it certainly smacks of it. I applaud her for her accomplishments. When I was a thin, young mother, PTA ladies hated me, and my college counselor (I went back after kids) told me I'd never make it anyway. So I get her message. She just could have been a little less smug giving it.
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I'd like to think I would help anyone in that situation, but if the person (either businessman or homeless) seemed like he fell down because he was drunk or high, I might avoid in case they were mentally unstable. Stuff goes down sometimes.
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1. It is worth it to go to court. Often times, the police are so short staffed, that they blow off court appearances for traffic fines to do real "cop work". Otherwise, you are hosed. Even if you use your phone with speaker, the fact your hands were on the phone, makes it illegal.

2. Sudafed - you get half the results for the 12 hours. These pills operate on how much is submitted to your stomach/bloodstream to tell the cells how much to decrease swelling, mucous production, and other symptoms. If you take half, you get half as much relief. Good news is that you can also take another half after 6 hours because the total dose is the same after a 12 hour period.

3. BMW - not sure - never owned that type of car. All I can say is get a car fax, and a quote on insurance BEFORE you buy.
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I used to have garden gnomes until I noticed our garden angels were always knocked over. The gnomes deteriorated at a much faster rate than the angels. I think it was keeping them in the sun all day.
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