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It's common in France to ask for a free jug of water with your meal. Of course the restaurant owners would prefer to sell a high margin bottle of wine, but they won't cry over the internet for the few customers who don't spend enough on beverages.
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Worth noting that it has been created mostly to bypass the monopoly of Anish Kapoor, who negocited the exclusivity of the use of Vantablack in art. Besides the producer explicitly says that anyone can buy it except Anish Kapoor :-D
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They haven't made much research, they're far from being the first to do this. In France some brewers already cook this kind of thing ("confit de bière") since quite a few years. The recipe is basic and well-known, and is probably used in many other countries.
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This theory is explained (among other fine little gems of knowledge) in "1491", a very interesting book by Charles C. Mann. Plagues played a very big role in the conquest of America, not only in current USA but also in Inca and Aztec empires.
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"Dark Vador" is the name that was used in the first french releases of the saga, and it's still more popular than "Darth Vader", that's why they used it.
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It seems as complex as french Aérotrain (if not more), which was sustended on an air cushion (much like an hovercraft). It achieved nice performance for its time, but was ultimately a failure due to the need of new dedicated railways and the expensive running costs (used aircraft turbines in later versions).

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