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I've been married 20 years and i've never once made my husband go shopping for clothes with me. That sounds miserable for both parties involved. But I happily wear things he buys for me as presents: my Chewbacca purse, Kung Fu movie T-shirts and glow in the dark Converse. Yeah, I'm that girl. High maintenance. lol
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I have one of the original (1901) Ouija boards. It was found in an attic of an old farm house in Burlington, Michigan. It still has the original "pointer" tool, as well, and the original paper patent label is still on the back. It creeped my sister out when she moved into that house, so she gave it to me.
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I think the point isn't the materials he used, but the fact that, in this time of hyper technology, it took a kid to address the issue of finding a solution to this problem. Aside from adults slowing down, remembering what's important and getting their priorities straight.
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This has always been a common courtesy among ALL drivers in every part of Michigan I've lived in. We use it not only as a heads up for speed traps but also deer sightings, cars off the road ahead due to ice, and any other accidents that may be a hazard.
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