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The jewelry

Anyhow, how much you wanna bet health insurance wouldn't end up covering female viagra? Of course they cover viagra for men, because heaven forbid men can't get a boner. In rare cases, health insurance also covers male erectile dysfunction devises, such as the "naughty boy" and the penis pump, but birth control for women? Good luck with that.
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I have no idea what you're talking about. When I got my job, one of my requirements for taking it was to have that chair at my desk. That way I can direct about my peons with an inconsequential wave of my hand.
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I'm assuming since she had a liver transplant that the doctors put her on some type of anti-rejection medication, which would keep her body from attacking the ping pong balls as a foreign body as her immune system typically would under normal circumstances, but wouldn't the process of sterilizing the balls prior to implanting them - done in an autoclave - have exploded the balls? They're full of gas, which, under high temperatures and pressures (which is what an autoclave does - it's a pressure cooker) - expands.

Just curious how the docs got around that.
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Of course, if you don't want to shell out the mooloah, you could always get a really long sheet of bubble wrap and use a sharpie to write the numbers on the back backwards.

Just a thought.
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My blog, Misadventures in Crazytown, has no actual topic. It's just the crap that amuses me on a daily basis. I post about artists I like, videos that make me giggle, science stuff that fascinates me, people that piss me the hell off, etc.

I work in reproductive medicine (on the male side), so I post some amusing stories sometimes.

Feel free to drop by.
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