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You forgot that the vatican receives over 6 billion euro per year from the italian state, plus free services as water, sewage tratment and so on for over 3 hundred million euros. Moreover, they receive money for catholic schools (after Berlusconi, much more than the public scools), and get a share of the communal urbanization taxes.

It has been calculated that if the Italian State ceased any giving to the Vatican, no more financial measures or taxes would be necessary to fix the italian economy.
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Thanks, I'll stick to my "heavy boxes, full of game boards, cards and supplements". When I want to play videogames, I just fire up my PC
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I agree with this, and it's actually a proposed law where I live too.
I think that another thing should be added: if you opt aout from organ donation, you should not be elegible for organ transplant in case you need to.
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Main problem is, Florence has a problem with foreign students behaving badly, and most of them are Americans.

Since in Florence wine is easily available, and there is a thriving nightlife, most students from US and UK enjoy their freedom indulging in a little bit too much alcohol, and put up fights and brawls.

There have been problems with monuments damage, and a few victims too. Renzi is discouraging the show to present Florence as a wild party town (it is, but with some reasonable limits of decency), and he cannot be more right about it.
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The Bounty Hunter is quite funny, I definitely won't vote it.

‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ is a hands down winner here, but ‘The Last Airbender’ is a close competitor.

‘Sex & The City 2? is nothing more than what it promises (an empty, silly, decadent wannabe comedy for 40something cougars), so it could be awful for most of us, but it has a target audience that appreciate this shit.

‘Vampires Suck’ is the same as above, just for young people with no sense of humor who can't spot the same gag repeated all over again, movie after movie.

Anyway, Shaymalayan should get the career award.
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Ok, Ok, i missed it: the taxi has one door per passenger. But looking at the slideshow... OMG. This people never ever designer anything real!
1) it exists, is called minibus.
2) no innovation here
3) just plain stupid.
4-5) the designer has no idea of the mechanical complexity of an harness like this on a vehicle.
6) just like 1, with the additiona feat that is hard to park in a busy city like NYC
7) man, i appreciate the satire, but came on...
8-9) structurally weak, uncomfortable and a real danger on the street. How do right side passengers pay?
10-11) We are in sci-fi territory here. Robotic cars barely manage to succeed in a full oval ring lap, the cassette system is a mechanical nightmare on a rugged surface like a road, and the tiny wheels are an alert about how clueless in engineering the designer is.
12) Maybe good for Baghdad, but, hey, NY....
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