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What are you talking about? I lived in Texas almost all my life and MOST people say thank you with hazards and let you know when your lights are off or if there is a cop nearby with a flash of their high beams.
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This is retarded and not sushi, people need to stop. It is inspired by is all. Koreans have a food called Kimbop, it very much resembles a sushi roll but it is a stand alone product and made with cooked (non seafood) proteins. It is NOT sushi, and neither are any of these...
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You miss every point. Not even sure why "fake gamer girl" even had to come up. The only person that cares that you're a "girl" gamer is you. Just say you're a gamer and stop trying to get attention. Pathetic, overreacting buzz kill.
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Go to a Brony convention or just look at pics of one online. The majority will not be overweight, have neck beards and so on... there is also a healthy male to female ratio and very broad range of age. These "Brony" toys are are more in tune with stereotypes of gamers... which would also be very off-base. CollegeHumor sucks. They haven't been funny in years. This is also like the second time they've done this type of video.
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