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I heard the Virtual Boy caused seizures, too. I still loved mine, though, which was bought towards the end of their life at only $69. I believe I had every game available for it, which was not that many at all. Wario Land and Mario Tennis were an awful lot of fun though.
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Yeah, I order from McDonald's, Jollibee, KFC, Chowking and more here in the Philippines all the time. Also, the service here is friendly and usually within half an hour for most places.
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But come on, guys, who among you can say that you're not going to start saying, "I came here for x. Not 'Dilbert'" anytime you want to dampen the overall mood? I sure know I will!

I liked the Octopi Wall Street joke.
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The Mosquito should be Alaska's state bird. Alaska's another state that has a lot of souvenir stores like you speak of. Full of moose poop lip balm, moose poop earrings, bald eagles carved out of reindeer antlers, miniature bear traps marketed as mosquito traps, etc.
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Thanks, Lucky. I agree. He had his hand in everything, and the landscape of most creative industries would be unrecognizable today from what we have, if it weren't for Steve. He wasn't perfect, but he did help push technology forward more than any other single human in the last few decades.

And @Howard, I think that's a sentiment that Steve probably shared with you. He may have been wealthy beyond what any of us will ever know, but he didn't strike me as a man who celebrated wealth. He celebrated greatness.

I'm not saying you have to love Apple or even Steve, but show some respect, guys.
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So impractical. How are you going to eat that without making a mess? Let alone in a single bite. How are you going to dip that in your soy sauce and wasabe? It just seems like a waste.
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What could make this even more awesome? If he'd shaved it all off and then thrown on a shirt for good measure.

Just kidding, I actually think it's kind of cool and funny that he did this.
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I had a pet duck that was like that. Lived in my apartment, even slept in my bed sometimes. I tried so hard to litter-train him after reading a few web sites on litter-training ducks, but was never fully successful, but he DID use the restroom (where we kept the litter box).

If I'd leave a room and he wasn't able to see me or come along with me, he'd sound like a car alarm.
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