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That's one example of Victorian era mudflaps for horses. See the little hole in the flap? That's where the brass naked lady used to be attached.

Surprise me, men's medium.
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I'm going to guess that's a bezoar from an animal which has swallowed a magnet. Possibly a cow as they're sometimes intentionally fed magnets to keep accidentally ingested steel out of their intestines. As steel is ground down in the stomach, the particles are still attracted to the magnet, hence the black accretion in between the shiny iron.

On the off chance that I'm right, surprise me with a men's medium.
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That would be an upgraded throttle plate for the modified class of horse racing. In the "modified" or "unlimited" classes, biological enhancements are allowed as long as they are considered "bolt on" parts. In this case, the goggles are added to the horse for throttle control on tight technical road courses.
Typically an additional reign ran back to the jockey from one of the two levers with the other lever being connected to a remote kill switch that track officials can use to stop the horse if a dangerous situation occurred.
A smaller set was originally tried on the nostrils to throttle incoming air, but these were quickly made illegal after a series of runoff events generated the colloquial term "kill switch".

T-shirt -- surprise me (men's M)
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