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This is the most awesome thing ever. LOL. Never could do that here in the North Eastern US, or much of anywhere in this damned country, for that matter.
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I am with you. I listen to and sing for a metalcore/hardcore band in the US. This is absolutely silly. I couldn't believe I didn't get sacked when I got my ribs broke at a show a few years ago and had to miss a couple days on medical. Sick and vacation days are what you get, either than that, work. This guy needs to man up, or get me hired, either way. haha The last option would be way more fun.
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Yikes. Awesome article. I am a Libertarian from Maine, a constitutional scholar, and have always found this sort of thing interesting, but what a funny venture. I could point out, in a thousand ways, particularly, the South Carolina movement, would fail. Sill. If we were to have a revolution, it'd have to be major. No small sect is going to prevail over a federal system, hell, even over their state system. Makes me laugh. I loved some of the stuff I read at the link (to the Middlebury Institute). It simply made me smile. So can I create an American-Irish camp here in Western Maine? If the CFA failed, these groups may not stand a chance. I say let Alaska have it's freedom (I've been there twice for an extended period), so that one of the three nations bordering it can run it over and do what we want. I guess they never considered that. Same with the Cascadians. I'm all for a more hands off government, but what 15 year olds came up with these ideas? As a former Marine, I can tell you...well...No. Bad idea. We don't even let other nations step out of our idea of what is "proper." We already showed the Native Americans we meant business, what makes anyone else on this continent think that we'll respect or allow their sovereignty to exist without REAL problems? Very thought provoking and cool. Thanks, Neatorama. You gentlemen/gentleladies always have cool stuff to offer.
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