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6 to 8 Black men by D. Sedaris is admittedly a funny story,
But he makes the same mistake in thinking that Sinterklaas is our (Dutch) version of Santa.
He's not. (I even think Sinterklaas out dates Santa)
People here celebrate both Sinterklaas-eve and christmas allthough the jolly fat bloke is a rather recent addition, christmas traditionally being celebrated the christian way, singing carols and eating cute animals while forcedly tolerating family gatherings...
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At this page he explains the motion,
and how he used computer simulation to find the 'golden' lengths of the rods:
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Ah, I didn't see your comment there Tao,
but needless to say I totally agree =]

And as they don't seem to credit him anywhere,
I took the time to send him a mail so he at least knows how he got ripped...
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This is a direct copy if not to say RIP-OFF
of the magnifisent works of the dutch artist
Theo Jansen.

He has invented this mechanical way to convert the circular motion to the walking motion, and has been using it for years in his creations, "strandbeesten"

check it out for yourself:
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Cool to see a modern version,
but- this was already done in the 80's
with a front wheel and motor of a "solex" bike..

Actually there used to ride a guy in smoking with a rose between the teeth around Amsterdam as a street-act.

I used to get my moped on the back wheel (or crouch next to it, so people only saw the moped going past..)

although back then we used rollerskates, no sissy skeelers =]
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I did an "here-it-is illustration" of this illusion years ago... here it is:

Use it as you like =]
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