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Libraries should not impede access to knowledge, within legal bounds. There are obscenity laws to deal with anyone immoral enough to view porn in a public place.

It does illustrate the shifting role of libraries over the past century or so. From their inception, libraries were a place where members of a community could find an expansion of their world and a broadening of views. But somewhere between the advent of radio and the proliferation of the internet, the library came to be a shelter from the big bad world outside, a refuge.

Not sure whether libraries should embrace or fight that role.
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In addition to Joris: I believe 'munt' may also be translated as 'mint', as in national mint. It would refer to the side that has the denomination plus the mint's markings on it.
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Kim's museum would look right in place next to Amsterdam's new Stedelijk Museum:
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I'll go one smaller with this house in Utrecht, Holland. It was built in 2003 on a plot of three by five metres (ten by fifteen feet):
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Real, more video here:

Main goal appears to offer the workers a more ergonomic position.
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Non native speaker here... what joke carries that punch line? If nsfw, give me a few keywords and I'll have Google answer this little mystery... Thanks!
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