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I used to use mine for a cushion when I was drilling through things so I wouldn't damage the surface I was working on... and then I'd recycle 'em. Worked like a charm.
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What a bunch of freaking sticks in the mud. Sanitary reasons? It's a freakin puppy for crying out loud. How can you hate it for the fact that it needs care?

Sometimes I just wait for the coming astroid to wipe this sorry excuse for a civilization of mother earth. Jimminy Christmas.
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Fight until you can't fight anymore. And then fight some more. Just sitting there getting kidnapped in Latin America is a great way to get yourself, well... killed.
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My wife grew up with cockatoos. If you weren't careful, they would sneak up while you were drinking your coffee on the couch, and when you went to take a sip they would dunk their heads into your cup trying to get a drink. Then they would tilt their heads back and chug. Those birds would bob up and down when they saw a cup of joe being made. They loved it. It was hilarious.
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How about the answer of "It's TV and you should probably find something more solid to be involved in or upset about".

There. I said it. It was actually a pretty terrible show. They lost me in the second season. It was all just one biiiiiig myyyyyyyysterrrryyyyyy!!!! OOOOOOOOH!
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That's right phlil. He's using distortion and extreme compression because at the speed he's playing all his tone has to come from the drive of the amp. Without all of the gain and compression, this would sound like absolute barf. That said, it's amazing. Totally unmusical, but amazing.
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Leon Fleisher, a prominent classical pianist, lost his hand function due to a neurological disorder. He got rolfing (a form of structural/neurological massage) done and after several months of rehab he premiered Beethoven's Emporer Concerto at Whatcom Symphony Orchestra. It was pretty bomb. I was there for it.
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Yeah I wonder if my great grandfather's copper coil engine is locked away in that vault when they bought it from him back in 1917 and then said it couldn't be made to work...
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