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Snap here for me too.Pretty sure that if my parents had $2,867,943, 908 in the bank when I was 16 I would have been able to start a very successful company.I mean, even that orange guy with the narcissus problem and stupid hair comb over, the so called 'real estate mogul', was not able to blow ALL his father's money, and the difference is with me you have a functioning brain, empathy, humour and wit.I may even have increased my father's fortune.
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The babysitting thing is the most annoying to me. Why do so many people say a father is "babysitting" when he's watching his own kids? That's just parenting, dude, you'd never call it that if you were talking about a mother.
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Now if you tried to feed 25 hungry humans there would be a tremendous amount of pushing, shoving, cursing and eventually a BRAWL!

Raccoons, possums, stray cats even the occasional skunk can keep it together and eat in peace, but humans well that's an entirely different story.
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I just love news bits and video clips about baby animals.

If the advertizing world understood how appealing those videos are then all commercials would include tiny animals selling their products. Because I have been gullible enough to buy products that have had a cute kitten or puppy on it even when I didn't need or want that product.

And some commercials you never forget like the dog nose camera of a pretend dog racing around the house looking for "It's Bacon!!!!!" or Morris the finicky cat? I believe the popularity of animal videos is in direct relation to the overall anger the world seems to be wrestling with nowadays. Tiny kits and pups make you feel good when you are feeling bad.
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