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maybe it's cause I'm not a cat person but.. I don't get why people connect so much to these videos. I wish I could appreciate them more.
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"We’re not restaurants where people go to eat and satisfy themselves"

Tell that to the people who order chicken wings, onion rings, candy and soda at the movie theater near me. Perhaps if customers knew what garbage they were putting in their body, Movie theaters would have to sell healthier alternatives. But that would probably cut their greedy profits by 1% so they'll be against it.
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Hey, great post. I think some things get so overplayed in the media, Lindsay Lohan goes to jail, she gets out of jail, etc. It's good to hear about an average joe once in a while. RIP.
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Twitter in particular is the wave of the future when it comes to blogging. Why settle on going to one website at a time to look at news and stories when you can just make your own news feed of your favorite sites and then pick the stories you want to read and click on them in Twitter.
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8. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV

This survey must be old because everyone around here is pissed lately because of the amount snow. I bet suicide rates are even up.
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I'm in DC area. We got about 24" total. Tomorrow is my first day back at work since a week ago and then we get another 3-day weekend. The roads are finally clearing up. i hear we may get more snow Monday!
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