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I posted it on Facebook, and I got this reply:

Eran Hadas (friends with Keren Katz) also commented on Keren Katz's photo.
Eran wrote: "Nicholas, the writing on the armor is unclear, but using some visual imagination, the letters might add up to say: "His actions are not forgiven until he has won."
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Looks like I retired from teaching just in time. I was hoping to fix the system from the inside, but it looks like it just WANTS to get worse all the time.

"Children of the future age,
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time,
Love, sweet Love, was thought a crime!"

- William Blake, "The Little Girl Lost"
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I recall reading about an attempt (made by a woman who makes money selling her breast milk) to make paneer (cheese) out of a supply that was soon to spoil if not used. It didn't work, and she learned after talking with a chemist that some milks do not curdle, and therefore cannot be made into cheese. Human and camel milk are among these. Then again, the process for making paneer is different from that of most other cheeses, so maybe human milk can be used.
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I was denied my teacher's certification in 1991 based on my ethnic background, which includes Rom. It wasn't until 1995 or so that New Jersey's anti-Gypsy law was finally removed from the books and I could get my certification. Although seldom enforced (mostly because most New Jerseyans were unaware of the law's existence), it could legally be used to prevent one from obtaining a house, a job, a license or certificate... Oh, but we still had to pay taxes, of course.
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Cool - but we've known about single-fingered theropods for a while now. This may be a newly-discovered species, but the form has been known since at least the 1990s. Meet Mononykus:
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I've done a lot of typing, proofreading & editing. Indeed, I was taught in my typing class, many aeons ago, to put two spaces after the end of a sentence. Visually, I find that this is much easier on the eyes when reading for extended periods of time. The barely-perceptible second space tells the brain, "New sentence." When reading type by someone who doesn't follow this rule, I tend to get lost or tired easily.
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The author/illustrator's name escapes me, but look in the children's section of your local bookstore for a picture-book called "Flotsam." It's about a waterproof camera that washes up on the shore...
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Thank God! I'm not the only one paying attention here. The same goes for that hand-sanitizer crap. Future generations will wonder what the H-E-double hockey-sticks the personal products industry was thinking when they read about antibacterial soap & hand-sanitizer. They'll react as we do when we hear of cocaine in Coca-Cola and patent medicines full of radium.
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Whenever I'm asked to do impressions, and someone wants to hear a Munchkin, I'll do the Coroner's Solo. That guy always cracked me up! It sounds like he lived a long & productive life.

Some folks might find it distasteful, but I like to think that, like Margaret Hamilton, he would have loved to be eulogized thus:

"And he’s not only merely dead,
He’s really most sincerely dead."

RIP, Mr. Raabe.
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Sugary cereals were verboten in the house, but the description in the article of mixing different kinds in one bowl and sitting on the heat-vent to eat is EXACTLY what my standard M.O. was!!! (Except the vent was in the wall, so I sat beside it.)
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