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Not being in tattoos and thus not knowing anything, I've always wondered what would become of them with the inevitable weight gain, skin aging, or, like a distant cousin, the effects of pregnancy on that huge tattoo she has all along her ribs...
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Yes! No pop up windows yet, no phishing and scamming yet, no backdoor hacking and crypting yet, still a little bit of slow res porn... the youth of internet when everything was innocent....
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Fun fact : if you try the Google street view, you see that it's suddenly missing some data. Maybe the google mobile was swept away by a boulder?...
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We only have 1 budget. The first store to get it wins the race. That's why some shameless places try an early false start to win the race. Sad to see Xmas before oct the 31th or back to school at the beginning of the summer.... Although I would buy Easter peeps anytime :)
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Google translation from the architect website :
Detached house - Dallet
The house is located on the slopes of Puy-de-Mur, on the heights of the village of Dallet. Located on the edge of a natural area, it dominates the Limagne plain to the north and opens up to the south on an equine pasture.

The search for savings leads to minimizing the footprint of the construction and to spreading the program over three levels. A semi-buried plinth shelters the garage and anchors the house in the slope. On the first floor, the living rooms have four orientations and communicate on one level with the more intimate rear garden. Finally, the children's bedrooms take advantage of the high ceilings to accommodate cabins suspended from the framework and accessible by small ladders.

Knowingly detached from the suburban buildings below, the house looks like an isolated object and evokes an immediate experience in the landscape.

The prismatic shape of the plan associated with the slope of the land gives rise to a slender silhouette on the north facade and, conversely, presents usual proportions at the top of the slope. This device supports the vertical distribution of the program and ensures the variety of interior spaces, their orientations, their views and their proportions.

Formal research also calls upon the photographic works of Philipp Schaerer, whose fictitious and abstract architectures refer to strange but familiar archetypes such as the barn or the vineyard dwelling.

Built in terracotta bricks, the project employs a corrugated iron cladding in a refined and careful use of its implementation. Large larch bays offer unobstructed views of the Puys range and the village of Pont-du-Ch√Ęteau situated below.

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