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This is an interesting thing that this man is doing.
I can see people running with this and offering up all kinds of "quote the bible" deals.
(My city's population is approx 66,000 and there are approx 250 churches...really)
And I can see people resist and claim discrimination.
But above all, I see that this is America.
Both sides have the Right to Choose.
Will be interesting to see how this plays out nationwide.
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I also agree with Cristal, Galen, and Question Contest?.
Maybe only registered users ?
Maybe only 2 entries, (1 for "real", and 1 funny) ?

(If this is a winning entry, any random shirt, large, heh heh !)

p.s. no unicorns please.
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From the STD museum, (won't reveal the city), this is a prop from a "Pro Abstinence" ad, (circa 1950), warning of the dangers of possible disease. Footnotes indicate that it took 4 qualified operators to effectively use this 'device' on the patient. After widespread exposure of this campaign, condom sales skyrocketed causing latex shortages all across the USA, (and of course introducing the slang term for the sleazy rich, "rubber millionaire").

abducted by aliens
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(Upon hope that specificity will win the race...)

That is a pic of the Spar Torpedo Replica used on the CSS H.L. Hunley. (You know, since the real one is exploded and 'presumed' missing).

Schrodinger's Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive
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Winning a copy of 'Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives' would be great.
It's a weird kind of fun to read secrets from people you don't know.
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