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guess they got rid of the warrior transition course (WTC) program. I used to be an instructor for it at white sands and it wasn't uncommon to have people in their 50s coming in to finish their 20 years. enough we had several jokes for them such as: road guard at the crossing of the red sea, KP at the last supper, qualified in archery, last MOS was the Trebuchet.
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I just started a job requiring a haz-mat license for delivering liquid oxygen for $10.84 an hour. I needed a job so I had to take it. even though I have military experience working with LOX for over 6 years.
and the company's wondering why they have such a hard time finding and keeping their CDL drivers. where if they paid $15-18 they'd have no problem.
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don't know anyone who uses pets as tools. a cow isn't pet unless someone cares about it like a pet. a lab rat isn't a pet, and they act different then a rat that is kept as a pet. I think they will be called pets until dogs start taking people to court for it and winning.
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I hope they meant air instead of oxygen thats 2 different things. cool idea but I'd gladly trade range for speed on this. 35mph even if it can only go 50-70 miles would be more useful
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looks fine to tour a race track but I've never lived or even been anywhere that wouldn't high center every mile or so. school buses have there bumpers like 3ft up and I've still scraped them on paved streets I can think of 3 places within a mile of my house it couldn't go
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