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Serious misjudgement of your inteneded audience, Neatorama. Not remotely neat. Unnecessary, cruel, repulsive. Please remove it from the site and think more clearly about your choice of posts in the future.
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It's next destination is the ARCTIC. It is not an error, geographical, spelling or otherwise.

I live in New Zealand. We are very familiar with the location of the Antarctic. This ship, however, is not headed there.

Nothing that simple research wouldn't have confirmed had you bothered instead of trying to be wiser than you actually are.
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@ BobF #4

The ship is currently in port in New Zealand, where it has been doing exploratory work offshore. It is now about to sail to the Arctic. Lucy Lawless is a New Zealander, so she is protesting at home.

Nothing 2 minutes on Google couldn't have told ya.
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Crammer, that's a very subjective/selective way of interpreting "realistic". It's clear in this context it refers to the subject matter and not the painter's style.
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There was a town in New Zealand optimistically listed for $1m - it eventually sold for $70k. There was about 40 houses, a pub and a fire station in the deal.
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and, once again cos people just don't seem to get it:

Watch the first 10 seconds of this vid. Nothing fake about it. Try living through a 7.1 quake and then you are qualified to call whatever you want.
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A quick youtube search for the naysayers:

Trust me, having lived through this quake I can tell you that this damage is not at all surprising. The earth shook in a lateral movement. There was very little "up and down". For the record, the quake yielded 648 kilotons of energy, and was only 20 miles deep. Thats the equivalent of 45 Hiroshima bombs, practically directly below where this image was taken.
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