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It makes me so mad that these americans have the nerve to live in american neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods should stay segregated into tiny cultural districts full of people who've never travelled three blocks to the east.

These neighbourhoods will move somewhere else. Get over it. Change isn't good, and it isn't bad, but it is inevitable.
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No, it would be something much more superstitious and ridiculous, like if you've eaten taco bell recently you can't sit next to someone who just had chipotle.

Just an excuse for segregation. That's all it is. No amount of made up crazy reasoning will change the result.
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And yes I'm aware of the irony in my last paragraph, and no, I do not believe discriminating against sexists is on par with discrimination against women.
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To those of you defending this... pathetic situation, I only ask that you not teach your children this backward superstitious. Be as sexist as you want to your friends and family, in private, but do not inflict your children upon the rest of us for the foreseeable future.

I have little doubt that if god did exist, his priorities would not include "men can't sit on the same metro bus seat a single chick sat on, especially in New York"

This is a bad idea, it is backwards, it is wrong, it is sad and childish. I will not sit on the "respect everyone" band wagon when sexist luddites are included. I will respect beliefs that earn my respect. THIS is garbage.
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It's gender discrimination under the guise of political correctness.

When we hear about female genital mutilation, we don't say "well, they're doing it privately, so I suppose it's not sexist bullshit", we say "Okay, it's intervention time."

While that is an extreme example, the road to discrimination is a slippery slope, and I see no reason to encourage people to throw themselves down it.

Religion is fine, when done behind closed doors. What you do in your bedroom is your choice. But if a hasidic jewish woman is forced to sit in a separate section of a bus, it is SEGREGATION. It wasn't tolerated by Rosa Parks and I see no reason it should be tolerated now.

To the devout jewish community of brooklyn: grow up. Your beliefs harm people's self esteem, they harm equity. You can personally choose to sit in any part of the bus you want, but how dare you ask someone to sit where you want them to to better suit your beliefs.

This needs to stop, and we need to stop being so PC about harmful and misogynistic old-world belief systems that should have gone extinct when women got the right to vote.
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Highly educated people often 'off themselves'. Saying what a group of people would or wouldn't do is a sure-fire way to be incorrect at some point down the line. If you're comfortable with guaranteeing that no astronaut, cosmonaut or taikonaut will ever kill themselves, that's your prerogative.

That being said, I really dislike this photo-set. The space shuttle was capable of putting objects into earth orbit. That's it. The ISS is nearly finished, and its lifespan is already approaching halfway. If our goal as a race is to put a bunch of crap in LEO and carry on, then we've lost our ambition.

The shuttle won't get us to mars. It won't get us to Europa. It won't even get us to our own moon.

It was time to kill it, and in keeping with American administrative philosophy, privatization was inevitable. And since we've never had a private sector space industry that was inspiring enough to enter collective consciousness, it's impossible to discount the idea that private space travel may be the way to go. This is 100% experimental, and private industry is just as likely to succeed.

What's worse is the argument that we must keep the shuttle to preserve jobs. The day we start holding scientific advancement back because of logistics and sympathy is the day we've jumped off the train to innovation and exploration.

Naysaying is just holding us back. The shuttle was old. It's done.

Get over it. The future will not be held back by sentimental attachments to obsolete space-gliders.
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Saying "well, ad agencies make men look dumb, so its okay if we do it!" is insane.

The better sentence would be "well, ad agencies make men look dumb, so I won't be a vengeful petty idiot and retaliate by turning the add around to insult the other half"
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Have any of you watched TV lately? Every add that requires someone to do something stupid to sell a product does it at the expense of men. Need a woman to look smart about choosing a product? Show a man using a broken, stupid version. Need someone goofy and dumb to contrast with someone strong and confident? You can bet the man is the dumb one.

Advertising makes men look terrible. I thought fighting sexism was about equality, not swinging the door all the way the other direction? Women are not sacred, they are not special. They are humans, as are men. Since many (I assume female) ad executives enjoy making men look like pathetic cavemen, I think it's only logical to take the high ground and not make dumb PMS jokes.

Men: don't sell your product at the expense of women
Women: don't sell your product at the expense of men

The only commercial that makes me actually feel good about the male gender are Dos Equis commercials. And that is a sad state of affairs. This may shock you, but men have feelings. We like being liked too. I want to feel just as good about myself when I watch TV or read a newspaper as a woman, and adds like this are counterproductive.

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