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Ugh, what a nut.
There are far too many people who expect that their views be respected, but don't feel the need to reciprocate that mentality. You tend to see this a lot with religion. Although I'm atheist, please, feel free to believe in whatever sky wizard or ancient alien you wish to. But also respect that just because you believe it, doesn't mean I want to/need to and I'm quite fine with my own beliefs, and I'm not wrong just because they differ from your own.
Not saying that if somebody has the belief that they should play loud music at 3am I need to respect that. But things that fall within the law as tolerable actions and viewpoints should be tolerated... even if it's against what you want.
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No. That was yet another false lead. Was a weird twist stating that it was a form of old Turkish, yet written more phonetically (or something along those lines). There has since been two other major claims of it being cracked. One through AI, one concluding it's a derelict Mediterranean language.. meh, simpler to quote:
"The manuscript is written in proto-Romance - ancestral to today's Romance languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Catalan and Galician. The language used was ubiquitous in the Mediterranean during the Medieval period, but it was seldom written in official or important documents because Latin was the language of royalty, church and government. As a result, proto-Romance was lost from the record, until now."
The Old Turkish schizzle... really just media picking up a story en masse and running with a fractional truth as a complete one: "It's solved!"
Nope. Not really.
They do claim that they have 30% of the manuscript deciphered.. but apparently peer reviews and other scholars have since claimed that what they've 'completed' makes absolutely no sense linguistically.
Who knows! The only thing that is 100% certain is that there currently is not a 'deciphering' that is anywhere even close to being unanimously accepted as being correct. So still a mystery, yet even false paths should help.
All that said, it certainly does look very much like an Almanac, and a majority of the plants depicted within have been identified and seem to all share remedial qualities
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I went and looked at a (very cheap) house that was for sale once, that had a bathtub in the downstairs hallway. Like, where you'd expect a closet to be there was a tub with sliding bathtub doors. Was so, so weird, and I laughed for about a minute straight. That house was all kinds of awful, but I'll never forget that tub. At least the one in the photo above at the top of the stairs looks nice and clean.
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I'm all for the stand up seats vs current economy seating.
Sure, I understand it's so they can squish even more of us pleebs on to a single flight, turning up the profit. I don't care. What I do care about is that my knees will be saved.
Sitting down in economy, my knees start to really, really hurt after two hours. It's so uncomfortable. I can't bend them, I can't stretch them out. The only thing I can do is stand and try to shake them out or walk around the plane. Ever been on a 16 hour flight? Bad enough as it is, with sore knees it's absolutely brutal.
Stand me up. I have no problem standing/saddling for the 16 hours.
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Wow, her's really go (maybe mine are the same, beats me)! I saw a few other videos yesterday and was surprised at how different it is for different people.
No, glasses can't stop the jiggle, just improve vision as per normal. Since vision is compromised, I think corrective lenses are kind of necessary.
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Quick followup.
After I posted my previous comment I decided to do a search for Nystagmus. I came across YouTube videos of people with it also.
Although I've lived with it all of my life, I've never seen it before. When I look in the mirror I don't see it. I don't know if it stops for some reason or if my brain corrects things to such an extent that it completely counters the visual effect, but I've simply never seen eyes wobble with Nystagmus before. And when I look in the mirror I'm looking straight at my reflection, no head turning.
I also never knew the correlation of my head tilting/turning to improve focus and that relationship of my eyes constantly moving. It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I decided to look it up out of curiosity and learned that my eyes apparently don't jiggle as much when my head is in certain positions. Made/makes sense.
For having something all of my life, I guess that goes to show how much it actually bothers me. Really, not at all besides the odd times when it's blatantly obvious that it's making somebody uncomfortable or they're weirded out by it, which is kind of embarrassing. I usually specifically say "yeah, my eyes constantly move, it's just something I was born with. It's weird."
I'm forty-three.
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I have Nystagmus. It's like when your eyes jiggle when asleep (REM), but it's 24-7 for me. I was born with it.
The world most definitely doesn't jiggle along with my eye movements. Everything is still and normal, same as anybody else would see things. If I really, really, really concentrate, I can tell that the very edges of my peripheral vision are impacted with a constant viewing more/less by a small amount.
The only impact this has on me is that in order to really focus on things, I naturally turn my head at very weird angles. It looks more like I'm deaf in one ear and am trying to turn my head to have my good ear more 'in front' to pick up sound... but that's not it at all. Apparently when my head is in specific positions my eyes don't jiggle as much, so my brain naturally wants me to have my head turned in those positions. Looks weird. Can be embarrassing at times when people think I'm looking off into space. When I'm driving it looks like my head is constantly facing the passengers side of the windshield. 99% of the time I don't notice that I'm doing it. I wear glasses vs contacts so that I can try and line my head up straight by using the arms of my glasses as 'straight-ahead' guides. When I used to wear contacts I always wore a hat, so I could use the peak of my hat as the same type of guide.
Since I was born with it, I basically don't notice it. People can however, without rhyme or reason, wake up with it one day at any point in their lives. Although the brain would correct for it, same as me, it must be an awful feeling for those people at first. I would imagine a person could feel sea sick.
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Having brick work on my house that looks like a blotchy skin rash sure would make me unhappy. What is going on there? Are they just using up extra bricks that they had kicking around?
Anyhoo... McMansions... don't understand. More space = more junk to fill it will. Just consumer traps.
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