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A tea shop in Vancouver had one of these. They told us that flipping the switch released argon gas inside that made it opaque.
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It seems high to me-- I spend about $100-$120 a week for two people and I do all my shopping at Whole Foods and Farmers Markets. So I could probably be doing my shopping for $50-60 a week. Is the cost they are giving for a particular area? You could spend much less where I live but I know the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables for my in-laws on the other side of the continent is sky high.
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I'm a vegetarian and have no problem with people seeing the animal they are going to eat. I hate the disconnect that people have between their meals and where it actually comes from.

Also, this is not a farmer who is factory farming. These are likely well taken care of pigs being treated well.
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Really if you are married with kids you can't do what you love? No travel? Can't enjoy what you eat? Not possible to discover new things? I actually find that children help me do many of the things on this list.
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