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The Emperor's New Groove doesn't hold up?! I was a full-on adult the first time I saw that movie (I was 29 or 30) and I thought it was great.
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In a Disney book we have, it definitely says 21st birthday. What I find more confusing is that Chip seems less than ten years old. So do the servants not age at all while under the spell?
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My mom babysat (NBA player and coach) Scott Skiles when he was a kid, my aunts and uncles were extras in the movie Hoosiers, and Dave Letterman's junior high English teacher was my junior high English teacher (several decades later).
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As a child, that would sound like a great idea. As a working parent, I would be pretty mad about a last minute cancellation like that. I live in Minnesota, where snow days are inevitable, but I don't feel like this is a good reason for me to have to either find last-minute child care or call off of work and leave my unit understaffed.
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It rubbed me the wrong way that at the very end of that linked article the interviewee compared cord-clamping to (male and female) circumcision. Not remotely the same thing. The placenta is an organ that is made for one specific purpose--nutrient and gas exchange for a fetus. When that job is done, the placenta stops working. Removing what was designed as a disposable organ is not the same as removing living tissue.
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My 3-year-old came to me at the park once crying because a baby *almost* touched her. She also got really upset the other night when I told her she couldn't take the broom and dustpan to bed with her.
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One year in college my roommate and I bought coloring books and crayons the week before finals so that we could take coloring breaks during studying. It was very therapeutic.
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