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I agree with you on Buscemi. But there are a number of Academy Award winning actors who, in my opinion, fit your description. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson come to mind right away, but I'm sure there are other examples.
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Everyone has their ideal burgers. :)

I like it pretty simple, but I'm particular about a few things. I like the smashed kind with the thin, crispy edges like Steak and Shake or Shake Shack. I like American, Cheddar or "pub" cheese. Onion, but it has to be white onion. No red. Any lettuce can't be wilted or wimpy... preferably it's chopped iceberg or something crunchy. Dill pickles or pickle relish. Mustard and *a very light dose of* mayo = musts. I can handle a number of condiments unless they are dripping from and drowning the sandwich. I have to have a good bun that's oiled/buttered and toasted/grilled. Haha. Pretty picky, now that I'm reading back on it!
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