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I understand similar troubles with what you described. My recent LEGO masterpieces have been entirely financed with my own personal income that I've earned in my adulthood years. As a child, however, things weren't as easy; you see, I grew up in an abusive, impoverished family (with two dads) -- and my stepdad was a cruel, violent and sadistic bastard who would randomly confiscate and hide my LEGO collection for no reason. There were times when I was 9 years old, and I went months without making a new creation, simply because my stepdad would suddenly decide to be a dick and take away my bricks. As I got older, I slowly became more self-reliant and possessive of my LEGO collection -- it's one thing that no one can take from me.

Years went by, and I'm out on my own and fending for myself. I live alone, and since I had no encouragement from my family during my formative years, my recent success and savvy have all been a result of my own dedication. I haven't spoke to my stepdad in years, and last I heard, he's miserably living in a run-down apartment somewhere with his second batch of illegitimate kids; I owe nothing to him. The minifig tattoos on my right arm are an eternal sign of my fondness to this franchise.

Nothing can stand in the way of a true LEGO fan!

-Baron von Brunk
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