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That is weird. I first tried on my keypad, but it didn't work. I had to use the numbers across the top of the keyboard instead.
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My favorite place for chocolate is a West Coast chain restaurant called Claim Jumper. The best dessert I've ever had is their Chocolate Chip Calzone. You place your order for it near the end of your meal, because they bring the calzone hot to your table. It is pizza dough with white & dark chocolate chips melted inside, served with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. It's so rich, you'll want to make sure people are there to share it with. So amazing.
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The worst thing about stories like this one is the fact that they've become so buried. That is how we can almost consider all history we are taught in school "revisionist history", omitting all these inconvenient, distasteful events that don't add to the narrative they want us all to believe. Thanks for posting this and I hope parents will pass it on to their children for perspective on what they're learning in school.
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The main east/west difference I notice is that if you live on the west side of town, you're always driving towards the sun during your commute. Perhaps in areas where the wealthier suburbs are on the west side, the people get some satisfaction from that inconvenience.
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I'm one of the ones on the fence, and likely won't decide until tomorrow when I'm facing the screen. It will ultimately come down to how cynical I am.

Years ago, I happened across a CNN story about a man in Illinois running against Alan Keyes for a Senate seat. This profile of Obama was so inspiring to me, I immediately thought "why can't someone like this run for president."

Now, we're here and the last 8 years have left me so disillusioned, I don't know if I have the optimism left in me to vote for him still.
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When I was in high school, I made a poster with paisley fabric cut out behind a peace symbol for a geometry project - when sun shined through it, it looked like stained glass. Makes me wish I hadn't let the teacher keep it when he asked for it :)
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Echoing Average Jane.... There is no TJs in KC. When my brother worked in St. Louis, he was my connection and I'd drive halfway across Missouri to get stuff. Alas, now I'll have to drive the whole way. That's my biggest regret from moving away from Las Vegas... I worked a couple of blocks from one and I loved the gorgeous, cheap flower bouquets - only time I've ever been able to justify having fresh flowers in my house every week!
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