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In the film, Strangelove referred a study as having commissioned "by the Bland Corporation" to study the idea of a Doomsday Machine, but having rejected it "for reasons which at this moment are all too obvious."
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"Final data processing was performed using a polishing method..."

Jerry Lewis to Stanley Kubrick: "You can't polish a turd."

Kubrick to Lewis (after a brief pause): "You can if you freeze it."
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My favorite Pat Paulsen quote was "The question I get asked most often by the press is 'are you kidding?' I think they ought to ask every candidate that."
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"The Dick Van Dyke Show" came out of Carl Reiner's experiences as a writer for Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows." Reiner portrayed the character of the tyrannical, egomanical boss "Alan Brady," who was based partly on Caesar.
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Steve Ditko became an avowed adherent to Objectivism. If Spider-Man were created today, he'd respond to his Uncle Ben's death with "tough luck, you old loser," he'd push his Aunt May out the nearest window, and rather than saying "With great power comes great responsibility," he'd say "fuck it, gimme the money."
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I actually saw this on TV, live, but I could not believe it. Hideous.

The worst part was her singing, to the tune of "Proud Mary," lines like "Used to have a job with Disney..." and it went down hill from there.
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I agree that "Something" is George Harrison's signature song. It was the only Harrison song to be released as a single by the Beatles. Interestingly, it's also the second-most covered song recorded, with "Yesterday" the first.
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I thought he was pretty good in "Kiss of Death," but was clearly overshadowed by Richard Widmark's work as Tommy Udo, one of the great crime film psychopaths.
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Vonnegut not only based Trout on Theodore Sturgeon, he stated that Sturgeon was "One of the best writers in America…certain to fascinate all sorts of readers, not only science fiction fans." High praise indeed.
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The original TV series theme song was written by the terrific Lalo Schifrin, who created many innovative and distinctive works for TV and film, such as "Cool Hand Luke," "Dirty Harry," "Bullitt, " and more.


The MI TV theme was notable in that it was in 5/4 time. While the film version still used the 5/4 time theme, when it was released as a soundtrack album they cut out the extra beat to the more conventional 4/4 time so it was easier to dance to.
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In grad school we learned that people decided to watch TV because they were "in the vicinity of an operable set while there was an absence of other more compelling activities."

In other words, there wasn't anything better to do. Works for the Internet too, it seems.
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