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I am truly astonished that anyone could think this is real. Convenient edit points where the camera points to the ground, horrible CGI, fake lighting, and the design on the wings changes when they switch to the horrible CGI shot.

I suppose if you haven't seen a movie since a974, you Mmight be forgiven for believing this, but otherwise...man. I am just mouth agape that millions of people believed this.
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That moon is only a little bit smaller than Earth's moon. Considering that our moon is about 1/4th the size of Earth in diameter, you can more or less imagine a planet next to the moon in this photo, but 5x larger, and you've got our Earth against the backdrop of Saturn. Pretty damn impressive!
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It's a great concept, but holy hell, listening to an inane argument for that long, with NO ACTUAL INFORMATION about what is actually going on, is just painful. Just truly, painful to hear. An argument about nothing can't be 90% of your film. I get that the point is that they weren't really getting anywhere, but good god. If you typed out that conversation and read it, it's is just so inane and meaningless, it hurts the brain.
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I wonder how many of these idiotic haters are Palin worshippers, and that's why they hate Tina. I get that. Peabrains do peabrained things. But thinking she's not funny? That's just ridiculous.
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I don't think it's possible to "turn" a kid gay. I think you are born with your sexuality. That said, I do think it's possible to influences possible fetishes. I mean, if you take the average 40 year old dude that likes to dress privately in women's clothing, you'd have to admit that it's certainly more likely that he was the one getting his toenails painted pink, right?
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This woman's story is really fascinating, but unfortunately, the bathroom reader is a little off on a lot of the details. She didn't die arguing with a servant, her son's leg was amputated years later, not due to gangrene or her stinginess.

Charles Slack wrote a great biography of her that sets the record straight on a lot of the more outrageous claims about her.
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