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His bosses needed to step up and declare loudly that he was Under Orders to do it (and redirect any death threats to those giving the Orders). Still, his casual appearance (I've seen people spraying for roaches with much more seriousness) should provide a warning to us all about "how we look doing something" - that's where you get bit in the butt.
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This will probably bode poorly more for the Republicans than the Democrats. The Tea Party faction in congress seems like a bunch of toddler throwing tantrums, and despite Boehner's brave attempt to spin things like it's the Senate Democrat's fault, I think more people will end up blaming the GOP (like last time Newt shut down the government).
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What were the democrats supposed to do? Give up everything they've worked and fought years for, and won, to appease the party who lost the battle over and over and over into doing the job they were elected for? The republicans couldn't defeat the Affordable Care Act in congress, in the elections, or in the Supreme Court. So they held their breath until everyone turned blue and try to blame it on the other party.
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Occasionally YouTube has a spasm, which I've noticed on several sites. If the page has several YouTube videos, and you reload the page, or hit a link and come back, they are sometimes fed out of order.

If you click on the title of a post, and it comes up on its own page, the right video will show.
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@everyone in particular

Just seems like a bad idea based on the reproduction rates of apex predators. Apex organisms generally take the most in terms of ecological resources to generate and they spawn few offspring. Importantly, the food chain "expects" them to contribute a certain feedback. In their natural system they are generally not shaped by predation. If a trendy, whimsical "why not lions" eatery movement arises, lions are much less "apex" all of a sudden and the Lion part of a massively complex system has a seriously unexpected feedback. The influence of the lion part sends a good wobble into the ecosystem that will shake the general lay of the land (including humans that can't buy their way into a separate existence from their land base; *cough* Africa *cough*) until things equalize into a new pattern. Keep in mind that the land doesn't give a hoot about the way we think things should work.
God forbid it becomes a foodie trend of the western world. Lions would go the way of tuna. (p.s. mind your sushi choices.)

But don't worry - technology will save us...
Lions in battery cages, optimally fed and bred to increase tender lioney muscle parts to serve your taco and your entitled face hole.

FYI, I've been drinking.
I love you all.
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