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I watched the documentary - it's on Netflix. It's nicely done. The most interesting thing to me is that these people, as far as I can tell, actually fit the definition of hoarders. It's just that instead of hoarding pizza boxes and empty tin cans or cats, they happened to be obsessed with something that others find valuable.
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This is the best story ever! If you haven't lived in Alaska, you might have trouble picturing how wild hungry animals could wander through your yard, but they do. I'm proud of this crazy young woman. Acting fast in an emergency is a rare gift. :)
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What about a way to get from building to building during a really bad winter? The middle ages did experience a little ice age, didn't they? That's the first thing that comes to my mind.
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I kind of thought The Champ was sappy and stupid...
The one that got to me was AI. The whole movie had an annoyingly tragic air, but the end was just a killer. I still cringe any time it comes to mind, and instantly try to think of something else, anything else.
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