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This is ridiculous. My name is the same as a serial killer. Should I worry that it casts me in a negative light? Will potential employers believe that I'm predisposed to murder?
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8, as long as I search for "Jaycatt "... Typing in my real name (Marc Lepine) never shows a page about me due to being overshadowed by a serial killer :P
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My gum is on that wall! Back before there was a lot of gum and it became a true gum wall. Here's a link to a picture of my friend and I pointing to our gum (I'm the shorter one):

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Reminds me of Groupboard (www.groupboard.com)... Back before I had cable, and just dial-up, it was an amazing java app for group drawing and chat. I think I started using it in 1999 or so.
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I tried to watch a bootleg copy I found... I really *tried*... Just couldn't do it, even though I've always been a Wookie fan. Ended up fast forwarding through most of it, my mind boggling how anyone could have sat through the thing in its entirety.
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What a great resource, I agree! My partner is constantly describing guns in the movies we see, to the point of pausing and reversing a movie to check on details. He's getting quite a kick out of this as we speak!
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I've rented a couple of these before, in the Oregon Cascades. It was a blast, possibly because the lookout we had (Fall Mountain, 5,949 feet) was adjacent to a sort of satellite tower which provided it with electricity. It was pretty nice to have electric lights, a stove, and an electric wall heater to keep away the chill. Even staying there on Memorial Day, we had a snowstorm. Another plus was the ability to drive up to the very base of it with a truck and not have to hike in! I completely recommend it, as the views were outstanding, and you really get a feeling for how weather systems move through the mountains.
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I think Innerspace is one I remember from when I went as a little kid (born in '71). They had these circular tubed screens you'd pass through, with almost 360 images, making the car you were in seem like it was going fast, or slow, or rotating. I remember leaning over the car to see what was really going on and noticed the edge of the screen. Can't remember what was happening on the screens themselves, but I'm pretty sure Innerspace must have been the ride. One of the only memories I remember from my first trip to Disneyland!
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I remember sampling keyboards from my childhood. We'd find some simple semi-musical sound and play a song using it. It was quite a lot of fun for a 10 year old. Apparently some are still discovering this is possible.
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I love this store! My partner is from LA, and whenever we go to visit his folks we always stop by. They do awesome shipping, too, if you ever order online. I crave the cherry Moxie and the mint julep soda they have there. It is truly the mecca of soda :D
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