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I would like to thank you for posting this. Having been a part of animal rescue my entire life, I am sad to say that animal education happens far too infrequently and is often inaccurate.

I was, though, slightly disappointed that American Staffordshires (more commonly known as Pit Bulls) were not included in the “Unshakeable Bad Dog Image” list. Media frenzies like the Michael Vick case and many others create a terrible, impenetrable image for these dogs every day. People should be aware that they are incredibly playful, sweet, and intelligent dogs who love their family and love children. They are a beautiful breed and are vastly underappreciated.

@rampatmonkey - You are certainly right that you cannot take the friendliness of any other dog for granted. However, this is countered by making sure not to approach stranger dogs without first checking with the owner or, if they are alone (as a stray), going through a careful process of approach. I am sorry that you were bit - I, too, was bit twice as a child. The circumstances are possibly or probably very different from yours, but I realized that the bite of one dog is not the bite of all dogs. I hope that you have found ways around your fear as life is truly, truly brightened by these wonderful animals.
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Thought you might like to know - there's an article in the most recent issue of Downeast magazine about an annual pumpkin boat competition that takes places somewhere in Maine. They get mighty creative with their boats there, I must say.
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They have one of these devices at a local grocery store. I live in a college town with very few crime issues. You cannot tell me, as someone who is absolutely tortured by this sound every time I go to buy groceries, that it is really necessary as a loitering deterrent. I would think there are other methods less irksome to customers.
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