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I'm sorry to be cynical about this. everyday, you say it's fake, OK, but I know Jackass have done things with snakes in the past, like the one with the boa constrictor and the cobra in the pit full of plastic colourful balls.

Yeah, I'm all for having fun, and yes, a lot of the stuff jackass do is funny, stupid but very funny.

I just feel sorry for the snakes. I know in the ball pool stunt one bit Johnny Knoxville. It wouldn't have done that if it wasn't intimidated. And I swear intimidating animals is, even if minor, a form of animal cruelty.

Sorry to be cynical, I just think it's a step too far intimidating animals to the point where they feel they need to physically defend themselves.
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Cheer up you lot! These are quite funny, I think. I'd laugh if I found a cigarette butt in my tea! Then I'd probably puke, but I'd have laughed none the less!
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Oh dear... heee heee hee, I got a negative score :P

Game Over
Your Score: -570
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:713.88ms
Black Unarmed:743.6ms
White Armed:681.12ms
White Unarmed:689.48ms

However, I'm not racist, and I know it, so, uh, it must be fluked! :)
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