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@Natalia - Octopus comes from Greek, not Latin. The "us" to "i" conversion for plurals is Latin.

Essentially, it's not Octop+us (which would imply Octopi) but rather, Octo+pus (eight + feet). The plural of pus (Greek suffix) is podes. Thus: Octopodes. The same is true for platypus/platypodes.

But since we speak English, Octopuses is actually preferable. In fact, this conversion (us --> uses) is correct in English for words of both Greek and Latin origin (cactuses, syllabuses, calculuses, etc.) and if you use it in every case, you'll avoid common mistakes such as happens with Octopus.
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When the Star Wars stuff came to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts (I know), we got a close up of a lot of stuff.

LOTS of hebrew all over the various props, not just vader.

The most common line was "starwars l'ad" or Star Wars forever.

And for the record, the last line starts with an Ayin, not a Yod. It spells "Ad." (roughly: until) The word after that looks like "sh'zachah" which means something like "he merits it". I can't read the second line because it's upside-down and poorly pictured on top of that (even when I rotate, having trouble differentiating letters). First line starts with "ein" (which is a negative, depends on the verb after it) and is followed by a present-tense verb that I can't read because the letters are run together and the image is low quality.
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Also, the tax bracket ceilings for married couples are lower than 2x the individual rates.

Thus, two individuals making $85,649 in a year would each pay 25% on their income, whereas the married combination, $171,298, is higher than the ceiling of $142,700 and thus falls into the 28% tax bracket.

Marriage generally comes with a greater or equal tax burden. In very few scenarios does it work out to have a lesser burden.
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It's too bad Neatorama doesn't have some kind of comment upvoting or +1 or thumbs up or whatever.

Otherwise, I'd definitely upvote scottdaris on here. Nice.


Also: corn maze, small child, scared at night... The Shining? I'd be a little scared too.
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Three consecutive odd numbers appear 10 times by my count. Of course, three consecutive *ascending* odd numbers only six times. The six above, plus:


Of course, we've missed all those now.
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Aish isn't a "jewish content website" it's a website belonging to an ultra-radical Jewish group that believes in conversion among Jews by "any means necessary," which sometimes includes comedy.

Comedy is good, but the group themselves are not.
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I'd guess that the 1272nd president of the United States, the first American president engineered purely by robots using a synthetic DNA, will be quite popular, largely because his robot creators will have instilled in him a universal love of others that will translate to rights for robots that previously had been denied.

The Robot Civil Rights Act of 102064. Big deal. Makes the guy who passes it pretty famous.
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The purpose of a teacher is to educate not indoctrinate.

I had a few teachers like this growing up and it's amazing when you think about it: there's a contract between teachers and parents to educate in both places, but if the teachers try to overstep their bounds, there's nothing stopping the parents from doing the same.
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