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This is the yoke that garden gnomes use to hitch up their guinea pigs when plowing their gardens. This is a single yoke for smaller garden patches; double yokes also exist.

"Meant to Be" Ladies Fit L
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Not familiar with Johnny Lee Wombat from Preacher, but the villain Chairface Chippendale from _The Tick_ was going to write his name on the moon with a laser. He only got the "CHA" when The Tick stopped him. Later, The Tick erased the "C" while on the moon. In every subsequent episode, the moon had "HA" written on it.
If you go to the image of Shiekh Hamad's island and back out, only the "HA" and one line of the M filled with water is visible, looking like "HA!" Immediately made me think that Chairface Chippendale had struck again.
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I bought a similar minimalist chair in the summer of 1986 at the Minnesota State Fair. It has a broad strap across the lower back with two adjustable straps that go around the knees, so it's maybe one step more complicated than this one. It's called a NadaChair, and I still have it. I just checked - yep, they have a website:
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