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It looks fake for the reasons marishka says. You cannot cover dark ink with lighter ink and these photos suggest just that.

Also a mole disappears between photos.
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First season was amazing. Second season as AntDude said is slow. Get off the farm already. It has been what 8 episodes now where they have not moved a inch.
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I do wish Firefly would come back on. They could bring back as much of the crew as possible and ignore that the movie ever happened and just start however many years after the events of the last episode. The network destroyed the series by playing it out of order.

I would love to have that model but I see it going for a lot of money if it auctions off.
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If you slow down the video you can see a person falling from the building every few days. I wonder how many fatalities happened during the build.

In all seriousness the building was not built in 15 days. It was put together in 15 days. All the parts were build off site. It is just like prefab homes which can be put up in a day or two.
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I do not know what these people are thinking who wrote the article. The reason it got rounder is because they use never frozen beef cut in squares and recently the beef got much thicker so when it cooks of course it will get rounder. They did not deliberately make it rounder.

The reason they are doing better is because they went with thicker patties and better toppings. Their natural cut fries also helped.

But when I got I still usually get a plain Spicy Chicken with Lettuce and nothing else as no one has a better one.
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It is a simple multiple choice question. If you answer the question given it is B no matter how you see it and samuel is correct with his explanation. Everyone else saying it is A, B or D are just over complicating things. What ever happened to KISS?
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That song if you can call it that is not very relaxing to me. If you want relaxing listen to something like Ryan Farish - Chasing The Sun or Amethystium - Autumn Interlude
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