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Yeh, does not look very hobbit-like to me. Plus, I wouldn't want modern amenities inside.

I heard that Peter Jackson kept Bag-End from his movies, and lives in it from time to time. Pretty cool.

@Nick Gisburne: Put that wardrobe out in the snow, and then dress up as a fawn. You got yourself a business running.
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They are saying: "Instead of writing two essays, applicants can write one essay and one tweet"

So you still have to write one essay. It's not only one Tweet. Plus, they want people to link to other things in that Tweet, perhaps interesting blog posts that they write. So it's not completely dumb.

It's not like if I write "Tee hee hee, I'm so intelligent! Gimme da monays!" I will be taken seriously.
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Don't think this is necessarily true. There are still some great scientists and mathematicians living in the world. Perhaps it is true that scientific work is drowned out on the internet between all the other random things, but that is how it always was - not everyone discusses science all the time.

Plus now there are so many people with an access to education, especially in technical fields, and especially in the richer countries, that we cannot keep track of all the scientific achievements going on. Research budgets have also ballooned by such a large amount, so that there is so much research going on in such a diverse number of fields. We cannot sit down to report each and every single thing.

Perhaps in the past, breakthroughs were few and far between. But now there are exciting things happening all over the place.

And I don't know why the heck did the NY Times start off by quoting some s**t article in The Atlantic - who cares? At least they can TRY to bother using some facts, rather than trying to cause hysteria.

The internet has sure brought in a lot of information - but it is not necessarily quantity over quality. If people chose read celebrity gossip blogs, so be it. But there are also a great deal of professional scientists and mathematicians who keep blogs about their research. These things inspire other people. The internet acts as a platform for a diversity of people to publish their ideas, where as in the old days, you could only try to reach out to a magazine or journal if you wanted any idea published.
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