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That's rediculous! So, we get to play God with moose because we think it's not good for them, but when the eastern countries are killing women because they think they're inferior, we say .. ."oh, that's not right".

Really, neither one is right. Let the animal live or die by it's own right, in it's own habitat.
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I LOVE IT!! I do this all the time! I even have a signature face I attempt any chance I get.

I used to live in Seattle, and going to Seattle Mariners games was great because there was always some group of fans who loved to take photos. They also seemed to always be huge Ichiro fans. I love getting behind them and making my signature face in the background.

Love it!
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Yea, this guy travels around with someone we (at WWU) named "Bible Jim". He proclaims to be a Christian, but when it comes down to it he is basically there to insight conversation. Call it Linkbaiting or what have you. He gets his "job" done. I don't like it. But it gets people talking, and that's all he cares about. Unfortunate.

Anyway, this guy is his accomplice and actually has relatively meaningful conversations with the people who are on the outskirts of the real attraction - Bible Jim - who screams that you're all (oh, and me too) are going to hell for *insert anything in our lives here*.

Just thought I'd shed a little light on who these guys really are for your info. Not cool, but there's the facts.
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