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We need to study carefully the materials to which those shrimp are exposed and develop a correlation between the contaminating agent and the deformity. Think of the wonderful weapons we could produce based on that information. We wouldn't use them of course.... just be nice to have around.
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So much personal data has been compromised by the likes of Facebook, Google, and YouTube that I'm surprised that any thinking person would deal with them. I do my correspondence via email and email only. Zuckerboig and the clowns at Google are in serious need of government regulation and the sale of private data needs to be reviewed. I took a smart pill long ago and got rid of junk like MySpace, Facebook, and Google. My search engine of choice is Bing, at least for the time being. Even Twitter is considering the sale of "used tweets" to commercial enterprises. Marketer piggies run the show in America and we need to put a stop to some of their foolishness. How about if we make it a crime for any company to place scripts, cookies, or messages on our computers without permission. Fat chance!
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C'mon guys! As small as that object may be I'd defy you guys to find room to park it in New York.

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, the concept of compressing the entire human population into the space of a sugar cube is appealing to me. We'd certainly have less of an environmental impact on our planet and leave only a tiny albeit sweet footprint!
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The texting craze has turned so many people into digital zombies. I frequently see a 20-something gal with two beautiful preschool children in a local restaurant. She spends the entire time texting while not interacting at all with her kids. She does this nearly every weekend and I get the idea that her kids are interfering with her digital life. So sad!
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Ethical is in the eye of the beholder and it's hard to behold anything that goes on inside of a shop vac. I'd suggest cutting a small viewing port in the side of the machine and installing a piece of plexiglass. Then I'd set up a webcam also triggered by the IR sensor so that videos of the mouse going 'round 'n round' could be sent to YouTube for mindless viewing by the unwashed masses. Just bear in mind that kitties like peanut butter as much as mice do and I would be embarassed to post a video of my kitten being sucked into the vortex of doom. On second thought the ride lasts for only abut three seconds and there will probably be plenty of fresh mice to eat.

Ethical? Hell yes!
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If only we'd had illegal aliens here to do that work back in the day... Oh wait a minute, we did! They were us!

My teevee set just showed a commercial for America's energy resource, "clean coal". I wonder if now-a-days the miners wear tuxedos. How does coal become clean? Almost makes me wish I could live next to a coal fired power plant. Maybe my wish will come true as my upscale island community has been waging war against the installation of wind turbines even going so far as to enlist the aid of school children who draw pictures of the evil ugly things for the local paper. The well to do even write articles for that paper expressing their fear of "shadow strobing" said to cause epileptic seizures as the blades rotate.

Go figure!
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People ignorant enough to use their cell phones in church, concerts. restaurants and the like are gonna continue to do so no matter what. They are and will continue to be low brow boobs with no regard for the rights of others. You can't legislate class. According to highway safety statistics 3000 folks die each year as a result of phone use and texting. Profit drives this country and the moichant piggy rules. Maybe this guy with his jammer will become a martyr for the rest of us or better yet start a trend. Wonder where he got the thing and how much it cost him.
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I don't believe that it is hackers that we need to fear, it is Google itself! Google is the enemy of personal privacy and desperately needs government regulation, now! I never thought I'd see the day that I'd welcome government regulation but the likes of Google, YouTube, and Facebook clearly demonstrate the need. Even Twitter is falling into the pattern of selling personal tweets to the moichant piggy.

We need to ditch Google and Facebook for a start and find alternate search engines as well.
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I read John Hersey's book "Hiroshima" a half century ago and have never been able to get the eidetic imagery out of my head. It's my belief that a grave mistake was made in haste when we deployed the atomic bomb against a civilian population, time will tell. We let that genie out of the bottle and I can't help but believe that some day we'll reap what we've sown.
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The look on that Badger's face does not reflect a tortured demise. Actually Badgers don't usually look that serene and I'd suggest that whatever Karma remains in that flyblown corpse is in full appreciation of the artistic endeavour. What we really need here is a slightly more accomplished virtuoso so that the resulting composition sounds less like a piano accompanied colonoscopy.
Lighten up people, Badger is kinda like cowbell. Too much is never enough.
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Let me see if I've got this right..... Cannon..... Residential neighborhood... Cannon.... Residential neighborhood...

Yeah, go for it! What could possibly go wrong.... Besides the sponsors are gonna love this!
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