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So cultures can't fade out due to other factors besides imperialism?

The thing that gets me is what people want to do about dying cultures/languages: Do you want to force children of those cultures NOT to speak a different language or live in a different culture if they so choose? Do you want to force a child to learn Apache or Lingala or Busuu and use it rather than whatever the local predominant language is?
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someone beat me to saying "the fire" and even cited the same person :( I'm slow.

In actuality? Assuming my wife is out of the house I'm getting my dog. No way am I letting Scruffy burn.
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mellie928; many junior colleges also offer votec training. I'm starting welding courses at one to become a certified welder through the AWS.

I agree with some of Mike's points; we've certainly made a fetish of higher education. The only reason I tried college was because it was socially unacceptable for me not to go. And god knows a degree doesn't equal a good job either; I don't have a degree and make more than my wife (who's got a science degree).
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@ Stacy lee: from experience, I beg to differ. It isn't the penis so much as the scrotal sack. While it's flopping around during a shake off can get splashed/dunked...and it feels incredibly gross.
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A toiletries kit is not one item :p And counting the stuff in the picture, there's more like 20 things...still not a lot of course.

But I'm with some of hte other commentators; how often does he borrow stuff from other people? Cause if he "owns' 15-20 items but borrows stuff daily then he's not a minimalist, he's a mooch.
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Call your local 211, and see if the AARP is hosting any Vita Sites in your area rather than going to these. It's probably too late for this year, but next year it may save rather a lot of money.
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