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One reason Americans (and all of us in the West actually) use so much toilet paper is because we sit instead of squat. I lived in Japan for a year and traveled extensively in southeast asia and was amazed to discover that when using the squat toilets (toilets at ground level) I stayed very clean and needed very little, if any, paper to clean with at the end. When you squat your cheeks naturally move out of the way and you stay very clean. You also don't have to push and strain, your body lines up much more naturally. It feels stupid now, sitting on an American throne and having a lot more mess to clean up when I'm done. It is also a lot nicer in a public restroom not to have to sit on a toilet seat which may be dirty, and don't think the squat toilets are all just holes in the ground. In Japan they were very modern and even had buttons you could push to make bird sounds or waterfall sounds, to mask the sounds you would make yourself! I wish we had squat toilets in public restrooms in this country.
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Last summer we were out on the lawn having a picnic and playing with toy cars. Our neighbor came over and started talking about the new development that was going in. He said how the city wanted to dig a trench through his yard for a new water line. He said he wasn't happy about it, but it should only take two days. Our son (who was 5 at the time) said under his breath "two days always turns into four days". I was the only one who heard him, and I had him repeat it for the neighbor who laughed and then said "thats true, how do you know that?" Our son just shrugged and went back to playing with his toy car.

Physics and Law Enforcement Large please
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