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Well, he's got two hands which should be good for another couple excuses, and if all else fails he's got one head as a last resort.
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Guitar player here...

Yeah, she's cute and probably amazing for her age, but it looks like she's playing along to a recording and it's hard to tell how much is her or if she's plugged in.

You can tell right from the beginning when the guitar part starts her hands and fingers are not moving.
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FYI: I believe most of us on the "left" would consider this a really counter-productive (dare I say stupid?) approach to raising a healthy child (as a father with a daughter in college).

But, so as not to disappoint your need to put people in one of two boxes, I will say that I plan to buys LOTS more Girl Scout cookies this year.
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I hate these cheap marketing ploys designed to paint celebrities and companies as such selfless humanitarians.

Hey 50 Cent, how about donating a portion of everything you make instead of trying to sell me something?
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To everyone who is bent out of shape that Neatorama asked a question you didn't like:

chill out.

It's just a question. Don't make it mean anything else.

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If you think this is interesting, there is a segment about it in this documentary, which is amazing in it's own right. Makes one appreciate what we don't have to do to survive.

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YEAH! I went crazy ordering books from the time I learned to read in second grade! Later, maxing out with 10 books checked out from our public library every week or two, and I still love reading just about anything.

How is it possible that my daughter (sophomore in college now) didn't get the reading bug? I was so sure it would be genetic but we've always had tons of books around.
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It's pretty hard to beat nature at creating beauty, even if it's a tree dead for 200 years--leave it alone and do your 'art' somewhere else.
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Punishment way out of line with the offense. For this to be a felony is hard to believe. I can see denying admittance and maybe requiring her to pay costs, but to go to jail on a felony?

Come on people!
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